YUM - Healthy Eating for Children

Are you looking for a way to inject creativity into the practice of your teachers?

Would you welcome classroom based coaching to ensure the training your teachers attend becomes a reality in the classroom? 


Wild About Words presents YUM - a high value training package for Foundation and KS1 teachers.


YUM sessions and workshops provide a creative approach to engaging children and parents in healthy eating and exercise whilst simultaneously achieving curriculum targets.


YUM is a well-designed and thoroughly tested book and set of activities which not only ignite an excitement and commitment in children to eat a range of healthy foods but also support teachers in their task of achieving multiple curriculum targets e.g. speech and language development, English, maths, geography, science, music and physical exercise and citizenship.




























How to engage parents to maximise transfer of learning is thoroughly covered within the training sessions.


As a school you will find this training and implementation ‘starter pack’ really good value.


The starter pack includes the guide for implementing ‘YUM’ together with 25 copies of the book and accompanying action song CD.  For the ‘train the teachers’ days we recommend a minimum of 2 teachers attending either from within a large school or across a group of schools.  This will enable mutual support and co-mentoring to ensure implementation across the school/s.


“Thomas didn’t eat veg before but now he realises  he should because they help to shoo away nasty germs!”


Leanne - parent

“It’s good because everyone can join in even if English is their second language.  They just look at the pictures and have fun following the other children with the actions like rocking, rolling and bouncing to the ‘Bananas’ song."                                                                   

Mrs Allinson, Teacher.

The YUM training and starter pack consists of 2 half-day sessions where teachers are introduced to the theory behind the approach together with how to implement the concept cross the curriculum.


Hilary Keating, the author and creator will facilitate the training and provide creative ideas on how to use YUM across a number of curriculum areas.  Teachers will be supported to plan and try out applications for real.

For cost breakdown contact us via our contact page:


For 2 teachers and 2 starter packs


For 1 teacher and 1 starter pack


Plus VAT charged at the standard rate.


Future copies of YUM books for schools who have participated in the course are priced at a discounted rate of 25% for every 25 bought.