Communication Training


Corporate Business, Public & Private sectors


This package is designed to help delegates from a business, educational or healthcare background, private and public sectors, to develop their interpersonal (social) skills which can help switch problems into solutions.


‘Soft skills’ are incredibly important across a wide range of professions and industries.  Think about the way a receptionist or retail sales person can easily create negative feelings and often put clients off from taking the next step just by using poor listening and communication skills!


In order to achieve the best possible results, a combination of excellent hard skills (technical, clerical etc.) and soft skills (interpersonal / social) is essential.  Having information in your head without the ability to communicate it in the right way can lead to mismanagement, low team morale, time wasting and low productivity.


The course is fun and interactive with an emphasis on building strong listening and communication skills and the desire in each person to remember why they go to work and enjoy it!


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Course details:


A one day fun, participatory and interactive course which focuses on real life situations.


Course contents include:


- Exploring the value of different types of communication.

- Who are the best communicators?  Where do we fit in on that scale? How do we appear to others?

- Identifying barriers to communication – what stops us from being good communicators?

- Understanding how valuable we are in the workplace and how we can make a difference.

- Using creativity and flexibility to achieve best results.

 -The value of using open ended questions to engage others and identify key needs.

- Listening skills - how to encourage the flow of ideas without being too directive.

- The value of reflection – what worked well / even better if… 


Course led by Hilary Keating – Education Consultant and author.

(Clients from previous courses include:  National Museums, Sure Start, University of Chester, Liverpool Hope University, Flintshire Health Services, St. Helens and Knowsley National Health Services.)


Timetable: 9.15 a.m.   –    3.15pm

Venue:       Blackburne House Conference Centre, Liverpool


For London, other U.K. areas and international locations please contact us for more information.


Costs:         £195.00 pp +VAT


“All the activities gave me lots to think about. I particularly liked the invention activity – I found that I still had so many ideas and we could invent something so quickly. I enjoyed listening to what other professionals thought. I enjoyed sharing and discussing ideas. Excellent course!”


- National Museums, Liverpool

“Day was brilliant! Took away lots of ideas of how to encourage communication, team work, imagination and fun!”           


 - NHS health worker, Liverpool.

“I’ve got more confidence in my own ability to communicate and help children to communicate.  The course has helped me to improve my practice, observe and reflect and spread it to the rest of the staff across the whole nursery.  The activities have all gone into our planning and evaluation processes.”


- Nursery Manager – Knowsley