Health Services

Patient Information & Patient Experience

To support good educational practice and enhance the individual's personal experience, we help hospitals and health trusts to provide clinically balanced, user friendly information for patients and their families.  


We are skilled at working sensitively with patients of all ages, in children's hospitals and health centres, in clinics and on wards to disseminate information in line with public health policy areas and outcomes framework.



Investors in Children

At Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Merseyside our work contributed to helping them achieve the prestigious IIC award.


By giving patients a voice, listening and valuing what they said, we enabled them to actively participate in their own care and help fellow patients of the future to have the best possible hospital experience.


Our socially inclusive approach and sensitivity to cultural, linguistic, cognitive and literacy considerations enabled patients to have fun, creating a series of informative, child friendly stories centred on dental hygiene which were then animated for DVD.  The DVD's were distributed throughout the hospital, in health settings, children's centres and schools across Merseyside. 


Click here to view  'Don't Be A Nasher Basher.'


Other bespoke resources we can provide include information leaflets, post cards, bookmarks, calendars, and picture books.


Staff morale 

We understand the unique and often very difficult situations clinical staff deal with on a daily basis and enjoy creating practical, innovative ways to highlight excellent practice and good feedback. 


Contact us to find out how we can help put smiles on the faces of your hard working staff and give comfort and confidence to the patients and families they care for at the same time - a double whammy! 



















We are committed to maintaining confidentiality for patients and practitioners at all times. 


Helping to improve the quality of care

As well as disseminating information, we gather and record patient's personal stories referencing clinical and non clinical experiences.


We can provide patient's unique perspectives to add to existing hospital survey data, helping to improve the quality of care provision in your organisation. 


At the end of each project we provide management boards with a comprehensive written report outlining specific areas of strength for celebration and any areas of concern from the patient's point of view.   



We will work with you to ensure the integrity of your brand is upheld and to help you drive your business.  


Like the best advertising companies in the world, we aim to create resources which will resonate easily with existing and future clients and remain at the forefront of their minds when important choices have to be made.


Watch this space to see how we are currently helping Alder Hey children's hospital to let patients and their families know about another ground breaking procedure.   


Volunteer Readers Training

Our informal workshops help volunteer readers to understand and engage their audience, encourage interaction and provide much needed distraction for patients of all ages.


Event Management

We can organise events in consultation with you, providing creative solutions to sometimes sensitive and complex issues.


With access to a wide range of artists, we can help you to deliver your messages, share your experiences, celebrate your achievements, workshop problems and build strong relationships with partner organisations.


Contact us for more information and to discuss your needs... 



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